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Suppression of the immune response with drugs, e.g. following transplantation to prevent organ rejection


Insertion of material or part of an organ made of natural or synthetic material into the body


A cut into body tissue


Tissue necrosis, e.g. in the heart or brain, caused by blocked circulation (arterial obturation: thrombus, emboli)

Informed consent

Informed and self-determined assent to further diagnosis

Infundibular stenosis

Narrowing of the pulmonary artery between the right ventricle and the pulmonary valve caused by an increase of muscle tissue


Kind of muscular tunnel, the outflow section of the right ventricle to the pulmonary artery

INR value
international normal ratio

Introduced by the WHO in 1983 to redress the lack of comparability of Quick values. Used in the control of anticoagulants (Coumarin). Calculated using a formula.

INR value 1 = no coagulation
INR value 2 = coagulation 2-fold prolonged
INR value 3 = coagulation 3-fold prolonged


Inadequate performance or functioning

Interrupted aortic arch

There is a gap of varying size (different possible types) in the upper part of the aorta, which has no further connection to another vessel or organ. Emergency situation for the newborn child; blood supply to the lower half of the body is via the open ductus arteriosus


Procedure, e.g. using cardiac catheter, interventional cardiac catheterisation

Interventional cardiac catheterisation

Procedure carried out using a cardiac catheter, e.g. balloon dilation, placement of stents


Innermost coat of an organ


Inside the heart


Insertion of a tube through the mouth and into the trachea for the purpose of respiration, e.g. following the initialisation of anaethesia during an operation

In utero

Within the uterus

Invasive diagnosis

Diagnostic test that involves entering the body (eg catheter)

Invasive therapy

Treatment that involves entering the body (eg catheter)


Congenital fissure of the iris


Insufficient blood supply to tissue or organ, local lack of blood supply

Aortic isthmic stenosis

Narrowing of the aorta where the aortic arch enters the descending aorta

Author(s): Kinderherzstiftung, Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Sticker, Hermine Nock
Last updated: 2009-04-28