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Constriction or blockage of a body passage


Catheter-delivered foldable double-umbrella-type device that is unfolded into an open ductus Botalli to close it




Increase of interstitial fluid in any organ, making that part of the body swell

Open heart surgery

As opposed to closed heart surgery the surgeon can actually see the heart while operating; blood circulation through the heart is interrupted


Orifice, entrance, opening

Ostium-primum, otium secundum defekt

Atrial septum defect (ASD I, ASD II)

Oval foramen

Opening in the atrial septum of the foetal heart, which usually closes spontaneously after birth


Part of the heart-lung machine that takes over the respiratory function of the lung (oxygen saturation)

Oxygen saturation

Proportion of oxygen bound to haemoglobin in the blood, expressed as a percentage of the maximal binding capacity. Can be measured using a pulse oximator

Author(s): Kinderherzstiftung, Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Sticker, Hermine Nock
Last updated: 2009-04-28